How To Reconcile A Relationship Breakup

Do you want to learn how to reconcile a relationship breakup? You upset your girlfriend and now she doesn't want anything to do with you ever again. Youíve tried everything possible to get her back. However, at this point in time, she won't answer your phone calls and doesn't want to see you anytime within the current century. She is really mad. How are you going to get her to forgive you?

Give Her Space

Leave her alone. Give her some time to cool down. She has to get over the hurt and pain that you have caused her. She needs this space in order for the healing process to begin. This is one of the most important steps in learning how to reconcile a relationship breakup. Donít call her. Donít send her flowers. Donít send messages via her friends. Basically, donít do anything that could be perceived as harassing her. She needs to heal. If you continue to bother her at this point, you are only going to make the healing process even longer. Give her space. Wait until she contacts you.

Consider Her Feelings

If and when she is ready to talk to you, sheíll let you know. Remember that you caused the pain and suffering, even if you're not sure what went wrong in the first place. Chances are that she will want to talk to you about the relationship eventually, after she's had some time to think things through. She needs this in order to understand what really went wrong. If this is the case, you had better be ready to talk until your face turns blue. This is another key aspect of learning how to reconcile a relationship breakup. You must be willing to really hear her side of the story and put your feelings aside for the moment.

Say You Are Sorry

Apologize for your behavior and really mean it. Most women can tell when you are lying. If you canít give a heartfelt apology at this point in your relationship, you will never learn how to reconcile a relationship breakup in a proper manner. Bare your soul and say that you are sorry. If you truly want your relationship to mend and get better, you must admit that you were at fault as well. This is the only way that your relationship will prosper.

Prove You Are Worthy

You have to do more than apologize. Sorry alone does not cut it. Not only do you have to say that you are sorry, you also have to change the behavior that caused the relationship breakup. Stop being a selfish and inconsiderate human being. You are an adult in a real relationship involving another person's feelings as well as your own. Act like one. Being able to how to reconcile a relationship breakup requires taking responsibility for your bad behavior and learning from your mistakes.

Really listen to what your ex has to say about why she broke it off and try to understand what you could have done differently. Itís going to take some time to mend your relationship. Give her space to heal. Be ready to talk when she approaches you. Understand that this will take time and that the reconciliation will take place according to her terms. The steps for learning how to reconcile a relationship breakup may seem complicated, but the process has its rewards.

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