Major Medical Emergency Firesale

This is not just a regular run of the mill PLR sale. This is actually a Fundraiser to help my wife and I payoff more than $63,278.15 in medical bills.

When I had my stroke back in August of 2014 it happened with absolutely no warning. My cholesterol readings were all good, my heart was in good condition, blood pressure (with medication) was a very cool number of 120/75, but I was overweight by about 25 pounds. My personal physician was so pleased with my health he only had me coming in once a year for a physical. However apparently that was a mistake on his part and mine because I am a 71 year old senior citizen.

When the stroke hit it was like something turned off in my brain and body. 3 days of being un-conscience and then two weeks of not being able to talk right, memory loss and weakness on my left side. Without the awesome care of the doctors, nurses, nurse techs, physical and speech therapist it could of have been much worse.

Now On With The Fundraiser