Social Network Participation-Have An Online Presence

I could not find an official definition for social network participation but if you have an online presence then you can significantly increase that presence by using any of the social media networks.

You know who they are: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and for those businesses who want to network with other businesses, LinkedIn. There are several advantages to using the social networks to try to increase your bottom line.

They are:

1. Higher search engine visibility - If the search engines see how popular your site is they will deem your site reputable and relevant and place you higher in the rankings.

2. Increased customer visibility - you can build up your customer base with the number of people who "Like" your site or choose to become one of your followers.

3. More efficient "word of mouth" advertising - People talk, in the case of social media, people "post" what they like and what they don't. If they like you, they will tell their friends and those friends will tell their friends, and so on.

Social network participation can increase your traffic and your sales exponentially.

Although, some say that it is quite difficult to get an ad approved on the social network sites but if you should submit an ad for approval and then get that approval you and your site could go viral and then the money would come pouring in.

The search engines used to just rely on how well you used keywords on your site and then by the number and quality of the backlinks you had directing people to your site.

Now, the search engines are desperately trying to come up with algorithms to include the popularity web sites have with the social networking sites so they can include this information in how they rank those web sites on their results pages.

Some disadvantages to this are:

1. Cost of hiring and training employees to initiate and maintain your new social media page or site.

2. Integrating the specific departments internally who will be responsible for sales and customer service.

3. Coming up with new policies for existing employees' usage so there will be no decline in productivity due to Internet abuse.

With increased search engine and customer visibility comes increased responsibility. You will need to be prepared for the huge bump in sales you will get. If you aren't ready, your business will ultimately suffer and there might not be any way to stop the downward spiral once it starts.

Do not let this happen to you. The search engines are getting closer to figuring out the formulas needed to update the way they do things. Get on board and do the same. You know what they say, "Lead, follow, or get out of the way!"

Things are changing and if you do not get in on the ground floor you just night be left behind.

Social network participation will almost become mandatory in the next few years, so get on the stick and restructure your company to be on the cutting edge and make more money.

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