Alopecia Areata Causes What

It may sound like the name of an Italian opera singer, but Alopecia Areata is really just the medical term for losing patches of hair. Alopecia areata is a type of hair loss that can occur in the hair on the head, in the beard, on the eyebrows, and maybe even cause eyelashes to fall out. I guess if you happen to be female and the alopecia areata evidenced itself in the beard area, that would be a good thing, but generally speaking losing patches of hair is a sign that something is definitely wrong.

The typical symptoms that present with alopecia, including alopecia areata, alopecia universalis, and alopecia totalis is hair loss. Alopecia areata causes patches of hair to fall out on the scalp. Alopecia universalis causes hair loss all over the scalp and body, and alopecia totalis causes hair loss all over the scalp.

There is no definitive agreement on what causes alopecia, but alopecia areata causes a host of complaints, that's for sure, and the only people I can think of who might like alopecia universalis are swimmers and bodybuilders. They could save a bundle on shaving cream and hours of their time before competitions, but other than that, hair loss can be devastating.

If you find yourself wondering if your hair loss is normal - some amount of hair loss is normal - or a case of alopecia areata, you should consult with your physician. Specific causes of alopecia are unknown, but there is some tendency for it to be inherited. About twenty percent or so of patients have a family history of the hair loss. Of course, that means that eighty percent do not have a family history, so genetics is not the only concern.

If alopecia areata causes you concern, you should talk to your doctor. Most likely, he or she will order some tests and perhaps a skin biopsy. He or she will also likely treat it with topical corticosteroids, subcutaneous injections of steroids, and ultraviolet lights. You may also consider some other treatments such as biotin supplements and a change in dietary habits that includes healthier foods.

Although no one particular, exact, specific cure exists, alopecia areata does tend to result positively, with full re-growth of hair. At the same time, such positive outcomes require treatment as early as possible, and if the hair loss occurs in very young people or goes on for a very long time, the prognosis is not always as good. Permanent hair loss can sometimes result.

If you are beginning to notice a lot of hair left on the shower floor or in the bathroom sink and begin to notice little bald patches on your scalp or eyebrows, you should seek the advice of your physician. By definition, alopecia areata has no known cause, but there are discernible reasons for other types of hair loss. Hair loss is often associated with stress, the use of certain medications, age, vitamin deficiencies, and other concerns. If the cause of your hair loss can be determined, the best thing to do is treat the cause of the hair loss; sometimes hair loss is a symptom of an underlying condition, and when that condition is treated, the hair loss is helped as well.

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